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Most of us have heard the phrase bringing the outside in, but this season it’s all about bringing the inside out. From candelabras to bird cages anything goes. Here is our top 5…..

  1. Mirrors….Mirrors are made for reflecting, they make spaces feel brighter and enhance the feeing of light and space. Inside our homes they make our rooms feel bigger, but outside they make our gardens feel greener, sunnier and more exciting.

  2. Rugs….Remember when your dad would use the old ‘Chinese Drago Rug’ to cover the garage floor? Well no more! This season has seen a huge increase in the use of rugs outdoors. These are perfect in any space, whether to create a more intimate space in a larger garden or to give a concrete courtyard garden a real facelift. They are perfect for those on a budget, or for giving an old unloved indoor rug a new lease of life.

  3. Sofas….Yes actual sofas! So many people have opted out of the traditional garden furniture in favour of their favourite living room sofa style. Giving you comfort and style inside and out it is a real take on the ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’. You can even brave bold colours which you might be drawn to, but shy away from inside your home.

  4. Clocks….Sundials watch your back, there is a new kid in town. Outdoor clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular style in 2020 has to be the skeleton clock. Perfect on large block walls or single colour spaces, creating an exciting and inspiring look.

  5. Candles….Gone are the days of putting out strange smelling candles to keep the bugs away. Candles are now about creating a warm ambience for evenings spent alfresco. Displayed in all shape and sizes; on tables and in nooks and crannies, candles really do add an extra depth to your outside space, perfect for balmy summer evenings and chilly winter nights.

There are so many of home accessories which our customers would traditionally buy for dressing their home internally, that our now being used to add that je ne sais quoi to their outside space.

Don’t forget if your outdoor items weren’t specifically designed for outdoor use, protect them accordingly! Now go, have fun and experiment.

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Stunning Cathedral Tall Mirror, Dressing your outside space.

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