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Half Term Picnics………For Grownups!

After months of lockdown, working from home and homeschooling, the summer holidays are now in full swing. However if like us you’re still happy to spend hot summer days in the garden, here are our must have items to make your delectable array of goodies look not only mouth watering but stylish and a talking point amongst your friends!


  1. Transporting your picnic. Gone are the days of using a boring beige tray to take your food outside. Presentation is key. Our beautiful wicker basket with handle is perfect for carrying food, and also makes us feel warm and gooey with its heart shaped design.

  2. Continuing with the love theme we have our wooden heart shaped bowl, perfect for salted nachos! Its light and versatile so will not weigh you down.

  3. Our glass bubble bowls, like so many of the other items, are so adaptable. We love using them for mixed grated cheese to sprinkle as a topping. The delicate bubbles in the glass are so pretty and look amazing when they catch the light.

  4. New in!! Our Ophelia pink diamond look glasses. These are perfect for your favourite cocktail, but also make a great Malteaser dish….. what would you use yours for? With delicate sides and a round glass base covered in pink diamond look stones, its perfect adding something special to your meal. They sparkle and look divine.

  5. Last, but certainly not least are our decorative silver spoons, perfect for piling lashing of your favourite dip onto nachos with melted cheese. Their intricate handles and engraving are something special and add the finishing touch to your al fresco dining.

Bowls, dishes, glasses….this season it is all about using different shapes and sizes. Different heights and colours, the more interesting and captivating the better, because lets face it at least one picture is bound to be used on social media - make it count! Whose now itching to get out into the garden with a glass of something chilled and enjoy the sunshine, with a basket full of delicious food? I know I am.

All of these items are available on our website, but like many of the items we sell we order in small quantities so that they are a little more special, so don’t miss out, head over to our website now. Don’t forget we have a free click and collect service on our site. /

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